Wednesday, April 17, 2013


            It seems like the more the years go by the less important it seems to people to be faithful to their significant other. I've come across so many elderly couples that have been together for thirty plus years and have managed to remain faithful to each other. If they can do it why is it so hard for people these days to do it as well? It doesn't seem like that hard of a concept to grasp for me. You made a commitment to someone and it's not hard to honor that commitment till you two end your relationship. At the very least have enough respect for your significant other to let them go so they can find someone that is worth their time and effort.
            There are so many excuses that people make for the reason they cheat on their significant other but by far the worst was that "it was an accident". Really? Falling off your bike is an accident. Getting in to a fender bender is an accident. Even getting a paper cut is an accident. Making the choice to cheat on another person is not an accident. You made a conscious choice to betray the trust of your significant other. You chose to make them seem like a fool for trusting you and breaking their heart. Worst though is making them feel like they were wasting their time being with you when they could have been with someone else. Maybe they could have been with someone would you would be loyal and faithful to them. You can't gave them that time back once it's been taken especially when you believed that the two of you would be together till you're wrinkled and grey haired. 
            I don't understand why you would betray someone rather then just end things with them. It's not as hard as people would like to think to just leave your significant other if you aren't happy with them. The sad part is that it's even easy just to talk to your significant other to fix whatever your problems you're having. If you feel like your problems can't be fixed just move on with your lives and go your separate ways. Don't make things worth by cheating on your significant other. That's just adding fuel to the fire and could completely shatter your relationship.
      Not only are you betraying someone when you cheat on them you're also damaging them psychologically.  That person is left to wonder what is wrong with them that the person they care about or even love would betray them. They look in the mirror trying to figure out how to make themselves better so that you will like them more. The next relationship they are in after you will leave them questioning if this person will betray them as well and could cause problems in their relationships. Even the person with the highest self esteem will be left wondering if they are physically appealing. They check every part of their body seeing imperfections that aren't actually there. If you care about some one or even claim to why would you want to put someone through this kind of misery. When you cheat on your significant other you might as well be spitting in their face. Cheating on someone is not a sign of caring for someone. It's a sign that you are selfish and don't know how to be loyal/faithful to someone. 
            For all of you going in to the future try being less selfish and just end your relationship if you feel like you are going to cheat on them. Don't degrade yourself in that manner because you're just leaving a mark on yourself that you aren't someone that can be trusted. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone if their loyalty is in question before they even begin a relationship. 

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