Monday, April 29, 2013

Military Dependents

         So we all know how hard of life military members have. They are constantly getting deployed to countries thousands of miles from their loved ones. More than half see quite a bit of combat and in very many cases they come back with PTSD. Very many military members don't even live in some locations for more than a few months. Several constantly get new orders to go to a new base where they are needed. I am very proud of my husband who is an Air Force member. What I wish people would remember are the people that get left behind when the military members are deployed.
            People seem to forget about the mothers and fathers that are turned in to single parents that are expect to keep thing going while their loved one is so far away. Don't get me wrong the soldiers that fight for their country are extremely important but without the knowledge that their loved ones are doing good at home keeps them going. Having people you care about back home motivates soldiers to keep fighting to survive and to come home. Quite a few people don't understand how hard it is to have someone that is your best friend and lover be taken from you for months even years at a time. There are countless nights where you lie awake wondering if your soldier is thinking about you. You cry missing that feeling of comfort you get when they are lying next to you in the bed. You're expected to hold your head high and show everyone that you are strong. That you are capable of getting things done in your soldiers stead so they don't have to worry. So that your soldier is confident that their partner is able to handle things till they get home.
            What most people don't understand about the wives/ husbands that get left behind while the soldier is deployed is the depression that sets in. Most won't show it but inside they are crying. Not everyone knows about how they sleep with their cell phones in their hands waiting for that one phone call. Just to get that couple of minutes to hear their voice so you don't forget the sound of it. So many try to stay strong for their children some of which are too young to understand why mommy or daddy can't be there. The first deployment is always the hardest one but after that you get used to it. It's never easy to say good bye to the person you love most in the world but you know that they have a job they have to do.
            I would say when you see a soldier walking with their wife/husband shake that soldier's hand and say "thank you". At the same time make sure to say thank you to the dependent that gets left behind to hold things together for their soldier. If it weren't for either the soldier or the dependent we might not get to enjoy the freedoms that we have.

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