Monday, April 29, 2013

Military Dependents

         So we all know how hard of life military members have. They are constantly getting deployed to countries thousands of miles from their loved ones. More than half see quite a bit of combat and in very many cases they come back with PTSD. Very many military members don't even live in some locations for more than a few months. Several constantly get new orders to go to a new base where they are needed. I am very proud of my husband who is an Air Force member. What I wish people would remember are the people that get left behind when the military members are deployed.
            People seem to forget about the mothers and fathers that are turned in to single parents that are expect to keep thing going while their loved one is so far away. Don't get me wrong the soldiers that fight for their country are extremely important but without the knowledge that their loved ones are doing good at home keeps them going. Having people you care about back home motivates soldiers to keep fighting to survive and to come home. Quite a few people don't understand how hard it is to have someone that is your best friend and lover be taken from you for months even years at a time. There are countless nights where you lie awake wondering if your soldier is thinking about you. You cry missing that feeling of comfort you get when they are lying next to you in the bed. You're expected to hold your head high and show everyone that you are strong. That you are capable of getting things done in your soldiers stead so they don't have to worry. So that your soldier is confident that their partner is able to handle things till they get home.
            What most people don't understand about the wives/ husbands that get left behind while the soldier is deployed is the depression that sets in. Most won't show it but inside they are crying. Not everyone knows about how they sleep with their cell phones in their hands waiting for that one phone call. Just to get that couple of minutes to hear their voice so you don't forget the sound of it. So many try to stay strong for their children some of which are too young to understand why mommy or daddy can't be there. The first deployment is always the hardest one but after that you get used to it. It's never easy to say good bye to the person you love most in the world but you know that they have a job they have to do.
            I would say when you see a soldier walking with their wife/husband shake that soldier's hand and say "thank you". At the same time make sure to say thank you to the dependent that gets left behind to hold things together for their soldier. If it weren't for either the soldier or the dependent we might not get to enjoy the freedoms that we have.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Video Gaming

         As the years have gone by more and more video games have come out. Super Mario at one point was the most popular game out there now these days it's games like Halo or World of Warcraft. Whether you prefer to play PC games or console games (Xbox, Play Station, etc) there's a game out there for everyone. My problem though isn't finding a game that I enjoy. It's hearing all this negative comments about how games are what are making children these days so violent or over weight.
         You might as well be saying that this kind of music is making my child think a certain way. You could even go as far as saying that the movies coming out like Star Wars VII or the Avengers is doing the same thing. Games aren't what are making kids more violent these days. The soul responsibility lies with the parents. Pay attention to the age recommendations listed on a game for starters. There is a reason you find ratings on games like MA. Give your children age appropriate games if you're worried about them becoming easily swayed by a game to act a certain way. If you're truly worried that your child is going to act a certain way after playing a video game then don't let them play it. Make sure their friends parents are aware that your child isn't allowed to play this game. Stop blaming the video games for your child acting out. It is your fault in the end because you didn't set limitations for your child. 
         True there are quite a lot of games out there that have violence in them but there are quite a lot that don't have violence in them. For example the game Portal is actually a very successful console game that is a puzzle game with a back story to it. Even a lot of the Kinect games are ones that promote team work and fitness. I have gone to parties were we all had a blast playing Kinect games and since we were moving we actually got some exercise out of it too. I have a niece and nephew that play only WII games like Super Mario Brothers and they always seem to have fun. The biggest thing I do notice is that their parents limit the time they spend playing video games. They actually give them time on video games for each chore that they finish. As much as I like playing my video games making sure your child doesn't spend hours upon hours playing games is a must. When they are an adult they can make that decision of how much they play themselves. As a parent it's your responsibility to make sure that your child does more than make a dent on the couch. Get them involved in clubs or after school activities. Don't let your child just waste away putting on pound after pound because you couldn't tell them "no more video games". Your child won't have a weight problem or possible diabetes if you make sure they are actually active as well as eat right.
         Rather than blaming video games for the way your child is try looking in the mirror. Are you bothering to check what kind of games your child is playing? Are you bothering to make sure they have a limit of how long they can play? If you answered no to both of these questions then you can only blame yourself. You can only blame yourself if you feel that your child is violent. You can only blame yourself if your child can't do anything else but sit in front of the television gaining weight. It's not that hard to tell your child turn off the game or that they can't play that game.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


            It seems like the more the years go by the less important it seems to people to be faithful to their significant other. I've come across so many elderly couples that have been together for thirty plus years and have managed to remain faithful to each other. If they can do it why is it so hard for people these days to do it as well? It doesn't seem like that hard of a concept to grasp for me. You made a commitment to someone and it's not hard to honor that commitment till you two end your relationship. At the very least have enough respect for your significant other to let them go so they can find someone that is worth their time and effort.
            There are so many excuses that people make for the reason they cheat on their significant other but by far the worst was that "it was an accident". Really? Falling off your bike is an accident. Getting in to a fender bender is an accident. Even getting a paper cut is an accident. Making the choice to cheat on another person is not an accident. You made a conscious choice to betray the trust of your significant other. You chose to make them seem like a fool for trusting you and breaking their heart. Worst though is making them feel like they were wasting their time being with you when they could have been with someone else. Maybe they could have been with someone would you would be loyal and faithful to them. You can't gave them that time back once it's been taken especially when you believed that the two of you would be together till you're wrinkled and grey haired. 
            I don't understand why you would betray someone rather then just end things with them. It's not as hard as people would like to think to just leave your significant other if you aren't happy with them. The sad part is that it's even easy just to talk to your significant other to fix whatever your problems you're having. If you feel like your problems can't be fixed just move on with your lives and go your separate ways. Don't make things worth by cheating on your significant other. That's just adding fuel to the fire and could completely shatter your relationship.
      Not only are you betraying someone when you cheat on them you're also damaging them psychologically.  That person is left to wonder what is wrong with them that the person they care about or even love would betray them. They look in the mirror trying to figure out how to make themselves better so that you will like them more. The next relationship they are in after you will leave them questioning if this person will betray them as well and could cause problems in their relationships. Even the person with the highest self esteem will be left wondering if they are physically appealing. They check every part of their body seeing imperfections that aren't actually there. If you care about some one or even claim to why would you want to put someone through this kind of misery. When you cheat on your significant other you might as well be spitting in their face. Cheating on someone is not a sign of caring for someone. It's a sign that you are selfish and don't know how to be loyal/faithful to someone. 
            For all of you going in to the future try being less selfish and just end your relationship if you feel like you are going to cheat on them. Don't degrade yourself in that manner because you're just leaving a mark on yourself that you aren't someone that can be trusted. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone if their loyalty is in question before they even begin a relationship. 

Friday, April 12, 2013


            There are so many people out there that have a hard time making an honest life. Most that are weak willed end up going the easy route that leads to criminal activities. True stealing or even selling drugs can make you pretty easy money usually. What people don't seem to realize though is going this so called easy route is actually more selfish in the end. When you get yourself in to criminal activities you're destroying not only your own families lives but the lives of the victims of your crimes. Some even get several brushes with the law before they are finally caught. After the first scare with the police you would think that would be enough to get them to go back to the straight and narrow. Yet some are just to thick headed to get the hint.
           Those criminals out there though that don't even care about the people they hurt are the worst. Especially those that are career criminals. In my opinion you're just saying I'm making a career of hurting the people around me and going to jail. By being a career criminal you aren't successful in anything besides causing harm to a lot of innocent people. There has never been an actually successful career criminal. Everyone of them have eventually gotten caught and put away in prison to rot. In a way those criminals that start out in poverty you're saving it's better to have your freedom taken away that fight to make your life better. It's better to be locked up with other dangerous people that could potentially hurt you or even kill you. Like I have said in a previous blog entry it's better to work for what you have. If you feel that your life is so bad that you need to become a criminal to supposedly make your life better.
            Sure your life could be a better for a split second as a criminal but that tiny moment isn't worth all the trouble that comes with it. You're now a criminal which means that you're going to have a hard time with society actually trusting you. How can any one really trust someone that's stolen from a person's home, beat up a person that couldn't defend themselves or even taking another person's life. If you even manage to get out of jail in your life time then you have to fight to show society that you have changed. Finding a job alone would be extremely difficult because most companies are against hiring felons. Then there is even those that have children that were taken from them because of their criminal activity. Your child is now labeled the child of a criminal and most people tend to think that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. These poor kids get stereotyped in thinking that they aren't any better than their criminal parent. Quite a few even become criminals as well because when you're told something enough times you eventually believe it. 
            It's never worth becoming a criminal no matter what your situation is. Whether you're doing drugs to numb whatever pain your feeling or you're just trying to make your life better financially. It's never a good idea because in the end you'll just destroy your life and possibly even end it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reality Stars

            I think I've lost count of how many reality television shows are out there. I personally enjoy watching these shows mostly to laugh at how moronic most of these people are. The sad part is they are only famous for being famous. They aren't doing anything that is life changing for the world and their shows don't really have any real story to them. Reality television shows are there for people to watch something where it's real people doing things that most wouldn't normally do. 
            For example the popular reality television show Jersey Shore went for five seasons and all it was about is a group of people spending the summer together. All the people on this show really did was party all the time, get drunk and sleep around. Yet these people have become famous for doing something that makes them look like sluts and douche bags. Granted some of them might have a good heart but what part of taking home a different person every night to have sex with on camera a good thing? You're portraying yourself in a very negative light to the world and even after the show stops airing you're left with that title. 
            Then there is the show Real World that's been going on for little over a decade now. I'm pretty surprised that this show has gone on for so long seeing as it's the same thing every season. They pick a group of random people the producers feel will make for interesting television and live together for about three months. At least Jersey Shore only lasted five seasons because there was only so much they could do. After so many seasons of strangers living together you would think people would be bored of this show. Every season there is a guy and girl that fall for each other. Then there is always the jerk of the house that everyone hates. There is always even that one person who has the significant other back home that they end up cheating on. I don't even think any one actually watches this show any more or even cares about it. Yet some how these people are famous and asked to show up at clubs for a fee. How does it make sense that you're famous for making an ass of yourself on national television?
            What the people on these reality television shows don't realize is that what they do in front of the camera is going to be out there for the rest of their lives. Most of the people on the reality television shows do everything from cussing at each other to having sex on camera. More than half of these people are young adults and don't realize that their are some employers in their future that might look back on these shows as a negative thing. These people don't even think about how they come off when their families watch the shows. I get that they are grown adults and can make their own decisions. What I don't understand is why they don't think before they act. It's not that hard to go "oh I'm about to do something I might regret later" then don't do especially when there is a large audience watching you on television. Would you feel good about yourself if someone came up to you saying "I know you from that show where you showed your titties at that party"? What if someone said that in front of your children? In the end you only have yourself to blame for what you did on television especially if it was something negative. 
            I'll always enjoy watching reality televisions shows but I do wish that the people on these shows were a bit more intelligent. It's truly not that hard to make the right decisions that you won't regret later on in your life. My advise to these people that go on the reality television shows is before you do something think about whether or not you're going to regret it later on.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Rant #2

            Okay I work as a photographer and I photograph everything from newborn babies to large families. I work in a studio located inside of a Target and contrary to popular belief I am a professional. I truly enjoy photography and working with the children that come in to my studio. True sometimes I get those kids that can't sit still or take direction really well. I don't blame those children though, I blame the parents. Some of the parents that I get in my studio are a real piece of work. 
            I've had those parents that want every little detail of their child's pictures to be perfect from their hair to their smile. I understand wanting your child to look good in their pictures but when you're telling your child to smile naturally when they all ready are you are making it worse. Not every child's smile looks model perfect because they are children and they still growing. They are still trying to figure out how their bodies work. Worst are the parents with the babies that are three months old or younger saying they want a picture of their baby smiling. I want to roll my eyes at these parents especially when they all ready have one or more children. No baby actually smiles at that age because the muscles in their cheeks are still developing and they don't know how to work them just yet. The only times I've seen a babies smile that young is by tickling their cheeks as well as being quick with the camera or if they have gas. Thinking you're child can smile so perfectly on command when they are seven or younger is unrealistic. When I've watched these parents tell their young children to smile on command it just makes them more rigid and nervous. I understand that parents are just trying to help but they are just making it harder for me to do my job. Instead of telling your child to smile on command like they are a dog try doing something that would make them laugh. It would make more sense to have them enjoy being there rather then feel bad about themselves for not "smiling naturally". 
            The next set of parents I wish I could just boot out are the ones that believe they are special. I even had a woman just yesterday that I tried calling at 10:30 am to let her know that the appointment she booked online for 4 pm wasn't available because that is when we close. We even tried calling her a second time throughout the day as well as leaving her two voice mails  Needless to say she showed up at four. When I told her that we attempted several times to call her throughout the day her response was "I have a newborn. I can't check my voice mail". She then proceeded to ask me if we would have sent an email. So she would have checked her email but not her voice mail? I've even had customers come in knowing very well that we're booked every twenty minutes apart since it is Christmas season expecting to do five outfit changes on their two year old. I wouldn't do that many outfit changes on a two year to even begin with since after one outfit change they are usually fed up. There are even those that are late for their appointment to the point that the one scheduled after then actually showed up on time. Naturally I would take back the person that was on time so that appointment that was late is left waiting till I have time. I want to kick these people out of my studio because half the time they expect to get some kind of special treatment because they had to wait. You were late for your appointment so no I will not treat you like you are on a pedestal. 
            I do have a lot of parents that I love seeing when they come in to my studio. They are the ones that actually make my job even more worth while doing. So for those of you out there that believe that your photographer is supposed to be a miracle worker when you bring in your child after a doctors appointment, with no nap or even sick. No child is going to want to smile in that kind of situation so get off your high horse and quit blaming someone else as to why your child is clearly unhappy.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


            Another hot issue out there right now is the topic of abortion. Both sides try to make their arguments as to why it should be illegal or legal for a woman to get an abortion. Both sides have a very long list of points they try to make. Personally I'm all for making abortions legal within reason.
           One side says that you shouldn't be allowed to abort a fetus no matter how small it is. Some has even gone as far as trying to say that they should get rid of the Plan B pill or even birth control pills. The reason for getting rid of these pills is that "they are a poison to the body". Why would you want to get rid of a way that a woman tries to prevent pregnancy because they feel they aren't ready for a child? We don't need more reasons as to why so many children are in foster homes or even live in orphanages waiting for a nice couple to adopt them. I understand where they say that a life is a life no matter how small. If you become pregnant because you chose to have sex unprotected then you should at least carry the baby to term. I'm sure there is a very good couple out there that are looking to adopt a new born baby. It's not the best feeling in the world giving up a baby but I say that's better to do than not even give the child a chance. It's better even if you weren't ready in the first place to take care of a child.
            On the other side there is the people that say that it should be legal because it is the woman's body and she should be allowed to do what she choose to it. Just like everyone has the right to do what they want to their body from tattoos all the way to plastic surgery a woman has the right to do what she wants to her body. Personally I believe that a woman should be allowed to have an abortion after traumatic incidents like rape. Would you ever want you child knowing that their life was created from an act of violence? Would they want your child to know that their father was someone who is not only a criminal but a monster? In a way I feel that it's similar to thinking about having children knowing that you carry a disease that is hereditary  I've even seen stories and video of those protesting abortion clinics harassing those that go in. I don't feel that this ever the best approach to trying to get people to hear your message. You're only portraying yourself as a bully and bigot when you harass someone walking in to an abortion clinic. For all you know they aren't even going in for the reason you're accusing them off. When a woman's baby that she is carrying actually dies in the woman they have to an abortion clinic to remove the dead fetus. These I personally feel are legitimate reasons to have an abortion.   
            I see where each side of the argument of abortion has it's good reasons but telling someone they have no say in what they can do to their body is wrong. Just allow a person to actually make up their own mind with what they do with their body.